We believe you must know energy to change energy

How do we meet the world’s growing demand for energy, and the world’s demands from energy – to be cleaner, safer, more efficient? We believe the answer lies in technology. As an energy technology company, this is the core of our mission – to deliver the highest efficiency solutions today and advance the path to energy decarbonization.


Our view on how the industry advances towards net-zero

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Without major acceleration, the industry will not meet net-zero targets

While technologies in use today can deliver a large amount of emission reductions, they are insufficient on their own to meet the Paris targets.  We need a dual strategy to implement efficiency measures today and invest in new energy solutions for the future.


Reliance on hydrocarbons will not disappear, so efficiency matters

For at least the next 30 years, oil and gas will continue to play an important part of meeting global energy demand – even in the most aggressive of energy transition scenarios. Efficiency solutions are critical to reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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There’s no path to net-zero without partnership and collaboration

Our business was built on partnership and service. Today, we know this matters more than ever.  We believe it will take energy producers, technology and service providers, energy buyers, policymakers, and the community at large working closely together to achieve our collective ambitions.


We take a dual approach to a sustainable energy future

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Solve for the largest sources of scope 1 & 2 emissions in energy operations today

By deploying the most efficient and least emissive technologies, we can make progress on the path to net-zero today:

  • Efficient power and compression
  • Efficient oilfield
  • Emissions management solutions
  • Intelligent asset management and optimization
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And invest in sustainable energy technology for tomorrow

By accelerating the adoption and deployment of new fuel sources and emission solutions, we can decarbonize energy for tomorrow:

  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon capture, use, and storage
  • Geothermal
  • Energy storage
  • Net-zero LNG