Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

Our commitment to HSE goes beyond safety alone. Occupational health, industrial hygiene, drug and alcohol compliance, and other medical services, as well as employee well-being are key competencies managed within our HSE Center of Excellence and through cross functional programs. The importance of physical health, ergonomics, preventive health care, and mental wellness cannot be overstated in promoting a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace—especially during a global pandemic. Because of this, we increased our focus on overall employee health and well-being throughout 2020, with a particular emphasis on mental health.

We equipped our people leaders with information, resources, and training to engage and support their teams. These resources vary from mental health education to tips on staying connected and avoiding burnout, as well as guidance on what to know and to do if someone is struggling, to name a few.

In addition, in early 2020, we expanded our EAP benefit coverage across all countries where we operate, enabling all employees – and in most locations their families - access to professional coaching/support for any situation. From handling daily life to managing remote work, coping with life events, or navigating COVID-19, the EAP provides a broad range of support.

We also deployed new global programs to engage employees and help them adapt in a global pandemic. These included activities such as a global social media challenge to promote face coverings and prevention, virtual fitness classes, and webinars on well-being. We also promoted ergonomic health for employees working from home by setting up processes to collect items from the workplace and sharing home office ergonomic best practices.

People wearing masks for COVID-19
Leading through the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have taken prudent steps as a company to reduce the risk and spread of the virus. Our top priorities have remained: protecting our employees, maintaining operations, and supporting customers and communities globally.

We activated our enterprise crisis management structure in March 2020, and for more than a year, our global, regional, and local, crisis management teams (CMTs) have managed a coordinated pandemic response. We have done this in alignment with global health standards and local government regulations and containment measures.

In addition, we restricted travel, implemented remote work arrangements for the majority of our office-based employees, and continually enhanced our sites with the latest safety measures. This included implementing on-site screenings, social distancing requirements, and a face-covering mandate for all facilities globally.

We are continuing to closely monitor the situation and evolving vaccine landscape. We believe that vaccines will play a critical role in the long-term recovery from the pandemic, and we are supporting vaccine education and access for our employees where possible. While the future looks brighter today than a year ago, we remain fiercely committed to health and safety measures to protect our employees, operations, and communities.