Minimize the risks, time, and costs of your fishing operations with conventional fishing specialty tools from Baker Hughes.

Our field-proven portfolio of specialty tools efficiently removes wellbore obstructions—in both cased-hole and openhole completions—to get your well back into production with minimal downtime.

Salvage your casing strings and avoid the time and expense of wash-over and pulling operations with our full range of casing patches. From patches and spears to bumper subs and packoff assemblies, our casing patch portfolio ensures fast and effective casing repair to get your well back into production.

Recover stuck fish in just a few minutes with the RatPACK™ retrievable packer impulse tool. By delivering targeted impulses directly to the fish, the RatPACK shakes stuck retrievable packers and other equipment free—without the need for high-tensile workstrings or drill collars.

And for casing repair operations in which a casing patch is not ideal, rely on the proven performance of our casing backoff tool. This hydraulic tool ensures effective casing backoff at a desired coupling depth and location, thus eliminating blind casing backoffs.

Contact us to learn how conventional fishing specialty tools can optimize your fishing operations—with less time and risk.

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Conventional fishing specialty tools