Engineered for faster and safer installation

In today’s increasingly harsh and complex drilling environments, you need long-term dependability to combat the most demanding conditions. Drawing on our profound expertise in deepwater technology, Baker Hughes has the largest installed base of subsea gas projects in the industry, all anchored by our diverless horizontal cluster manifold (DHCM) building blocks, which include the industry’s lightest horizontal clamp connection systems (HCCS-L), as well as the 42-inch M5 clamp—the world’s largest subsea connector. So, you can cut costs, schedule and simplify installation with our pipeline end termination (PLET) technology—without ever compromising safety.


Safe and efficient fluid transfer

Our product portfolio covers everything you need to integrate your subsea production system and ensure safe and efficient fluid transfer from your trees to your risers. Whether you’re operating in shallow, mid or deep waters, we offer a range of field-proven solutions that allow you to meet your production demands while reducing your environmental footprint. From drilling templates for jack-up rigs to structures for standalone wells, we deliver safer, more reliable performance in any environment—driving down your operation costs, reducing risk ,and speeding up delivery time.


Industry-leading installed base

We have the largest installed base of subsea gas projects in the industry. And, with more than 170 manifolds installed, our comprehensive range of cluster and template manifold systems has the proven functional flexibility, scalability, and versatility to adapt to all your field requirements.


Modular design

All our manifold and pipeline products are built to a modular design that uses standard tried and tested components to suit a wide variety of configurations. This helps us to compress your schedule and offer reliable, shorter lead times, while minimizing the overall costs and risks.


Comprehensive range

Our range of products includes cluster and template manifolds, pipeline end manifolds (PLEM), riser bases, PLET, manual or remotely operated pig launcher and receivers (PLR), in-line tees (ILT), high-integrity pipeline protection systems (HIPPS), and subsea isolation valve modules (SSIV). We can also provide flexible or rigid jumpers— both with our industry-leading connection system.


Versatile and robust

Flexible pipe is highly versatile in meeting the demands of subsea and floating production storage and offloading-based production. In some environments, it’s the only suitable technology for a production system. Flexible pipe system products can be found in every major offshore production basin worldwide and are engineered to withstand the harshest operating conditions. Our systems are currently operating in depths well beyond 2,300m and are being qualified up to 3,000m.


Aptara modular compact manifolds

Our Aptara™ modular compact manifold system addresses the need for modular, pre-engineered manifolds that use off-the-shelf components. Its lower weight and compact size allow installation from smaller vessels—reducing cost and adding flexibility.


Cluster manifolds

Our cluster manifolds cover deep, medium and shallow-water applications, using a modular approach to meet your field-specific requirements.


Template manifolds

Our template manifolds are designed to ensure the highest reliability and safety across well systems, drilling, controls, installation, and work overs.


Pipeline products and solutions

Our pipeline products and solutions offer long-term reliability and safety with a modular approach that adapts to the specific requirements of your field.


Flexible pipe systems, jumpers and rigid spools

Our flexible pipe products, rigid well jumpers, spools, and pigging loops optimize your field layout and offer long-term reliability and safety.


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Subsea manifolds and pipeline products

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