Download a recent case study to see how we use real-time data to increase productivity in tight-margin horizontal wells.

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The proprietary XACT™ downhole acoustic telemetry service from Baker Hughes delivers real-time data throughout the well construction process, including drilling, cementing, perforating, fishing, and completions operations. By using applied acoustics, you receive downhole data from previously unavailable environments regardless of fluid, flow, formation, and depth.


What is XACT?

The XACT service improves safety and efficiency while reducing costs and risks by informing operators of the conditions along the entire wellbore through the deployment of high-bandwidth, low-complexity acoustic telemetry solutions.


What is acoustic telemetry?

The XACT acoustic telemetry network transmits more data than alternative technologies with less environmental restrictions. Rather than transmitting data back to the surface through the fluid column or through the formation, data are transmitted downhole by generating acoustic signals in standard drillpipe via a network of widely separated inline nodes. This network of inline, distributed nodes transmits data measured by downhole sensors using acoustic pulses through regular drillpipe, and the data get decoded on the surface through an Electronics Acoustic Receiver. Currently offered downhole measurements include pressure, tension, compression, temperature, torque, and bending moment, taken at multiple locations of interest along the wellbore.


How is the XACT network unique?

The telemetry network takes acoustic technology to new levels with capability, compatibility, and simplicity, making it a fit-for-purpose tool for multiple well construction operations. The XACT network is a proven, comprehensive solution that’s easy to deploy. Because the system is fluid and formation-independent, and is not depth-limited, the XACT service offers flexibility and versatility. It is full through-bore, enabling passage of drop balls, wiper darts, or other downhole components. The service also offers along-string measurement capability, yielding higher rates than conventional telemetry systems.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to find out how the XACT acoustic telemetry network distinguishes itself from the competition as an inline solution that enables rugged operations, not just clamp-on devices.

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