Production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from your reservoir poses serious threats to the health and safety of your people and your production infrastructure. H2S management solutions from Baker Hughes mitigate the toxicity and asset integrity threats that H2S brings while preventing iron sulfide deposition and reservoir souring.

Our proven H2S scavengers and flexible sour gas treatment strategies deliver several tangible benefits to your production system.

Ensure greater safety. Keep your people and surroundings safe by efficiently scavenging H2S, RSH, and FeS from your system

Reduce corrosion rates. Selectively neutralize H2S and mercaptans to sweeten your production stream, limit FeS deposition, and mitigate H2S corrosion in your carbon steel systems

Control costs. Select the control option best suited for your H2S challenge, including regenerative systems for high volumes and chemical scavengers for smaller H2S levels or unexpected souring of the system

Optimize treatment locations. Work with our application experts to pinpoint the optimal scavenger injection locations for your system—inline into the produced fluid flow, in batch or flooded towers, or through batch/continuous liquid treating

Let’s work together to develop an effective H2S management strategy that takes the risk, worry, and high maintenance costs out of your sour production system

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H2S management