NDT Bar Inspection Systems
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Solutions for Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Bars

Metal Bar and Billet are the base raw material forms from which most metallic safety-critical components are fabricated.  Ensuring metal bars are defect-free before further processing reduces overall cost and helps eliminate end item failure. Baker Hughes' line of Krautkrämer Industrial Automated UT systems are based on simple concepts yet provide industry-leading inspection performance at a low total cost per inspected part. Our systems are ideal for non-destructive, ultrasonic testing of round and square metal bars.

Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux

Built on the Krautkrämer legacy with more than 150 installations worldwide, ROWA™ is the leading ultrasonic phased array testing solution for 100% full-body Automated UT testing of round and square metal bars. It provides the highest precision and reliability for the detection of cracks or inclusions in the volume and on the surface of steel and other metal bars. 


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Ultrasonic Inspection of Bar and Wire

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