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Dynamus Extended-life Drill Bit

The Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit mitigates lateral vibrations and other dysfunctions, enabling operators to use the most robust drilling equipment they can find.

TerrAdapt Adaptive Drill Bit

TerrAdapt Adaptive Drill Bit

The TerrAdapt™ adaptive drill bit adjusts depth-of-cut to mitigate stick slip and impact damage on the fly—with no intervention from surface.


Integrity eXplorer Cement Evaluation Service

Our Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service provides accurate information to help operators make critical decisions that impact well integrity.


VisiTrak Reservoir Navigation and Analysis Service

The VisiTrak™ reservoir navigation and analysis service lets you see more of your reservoir – up to 100 feet from the wellbore – so you know exactly where you are and where you need to go in order to build a better well.


SPECTRE Disintegrating Frac Plug

The SPECTRE™ disintegrating plug completely disappears after fracturing operations are complete, delivering a new level of efficiency and flexibility for unconventional operators.

FracFit™ Fracturing Optimization Solution

OptiStriker™ Straddle Packer Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

CENesis PHASE™ Multiphase Encapsulated Production Solution

ZXHD™ Liner Top Packer

AutoTrak™ eXact™ Rotary Steerable Drilling System

FASTrak™ LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

Array Dielectric eXplorer™ Formation Evaluation Service

FTeX™ Advanced Wireline Formation Pressure Testing Service

CENesis™ Curve Tight-Radius System

Ascent™ High-Side Fracturing Services

Subsurface Modeling

NextWave™ Production Rejuvenation Solution

BASTILLE™ Ultra-HP/HT Removable Production Packer

STONE WALL™ V0-Rated Well Barriers

DeepSpot™ Complete Acid Fracturing Service

Kymera™ XTreme Hybrid Drill Bit

TRETOLITE™ SNAP Fluids Separation Technologies

CENtrilift PASS™ Slimline ESP System

StayTrue™ Shaped Diamond Element Technology

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