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Announcing the Leucipa™ Automated Field Production Solution

It’s like no other production optimization solution.

A significant number of oil and gas production operations are performed manually – leading to inefficiencies, safety risks, and the potential for increased emissions.

The Leucipa automated field production solution automates field production, eliminating or dramatically reducing those issues

And because it automates field production, it enables operators to proactively manage it.

The Leucipa automated field production solution is different from any other production optimization solution because:

  • It’s built by operators, for operators. The Leucipa automated field production solution is backed by detailed industry and customer research to uncover issues, define the solution, and drive its design
  • It offers a personalized experience that delivers reliable and actionable recommendations to fit each operator’s respective field priorities
  • It features a combination of critical expertise, developed in collaboration with industry-recognized experts in cloud and industrial data transformation disciplines
  • It’s open, fast, and scalable, compatible with any system and agnostic to OEMs, easy to deploy and understand, and scalable to fit changing business needs

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Leucipa automated field production solution.

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