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Case study

Customer saved $6 million USD by using the LIFESPAN blending model to increase profitability and avoid process unit fouling.


Instantly calculate the blending risk of opportunity cargoes to make a fast, profitable, purchase decision

When faced with the opportunity to purchase discounted feedstock, a speedy decision is critical and the risk is high. To make a confident purchase decision and mitigate the risks of processing an unstable blend, look no further.  With direct access to the LIFESPAN™ blending model via your web browser, you can predict the relative stability of every potential blend—at record speed.


Accelerate purchase decisions

Direct access to the proprietary model gives you rapid control of your purchase decision.  You don’t need to wait or rely on a third party to run analytics. You can instantly:

  • Calculate the risk associated with any cargo
  • Accurately determine the window of compatibility that ensures the stability of the final blend
  • Make an informed decision with confidence that the purchase is the best fit for your operations, profitability and regulatory requirements


Minimize blending risks

The LIFESPAN model simulates the impact of asphaltene destabilization on your refinery operations. This understanding of the potential stability of crudes blended in different ratios enables you to:

  • Link your crude planning with the model
  • Plan mitigation strategies to address deviations from the optimal processing window
  • Alter operational conditions to minimize potential instability challenges presented by a new blend


Maximize profitability

Unstable feedstock blends make a huge dent in your profitability in the form of fouled equipment, sub-optimal product yields, environmental consequences, and loss of product value. By simulating the stability of multiple blend combinations, you can:

  • Mitigate blend stability risks by selecting the right chemical additives
  • Avoid the profitability losses that off-specification blends bring about



Photo of a man using a laptop to monitor his refinery.

The LIFESPAN blending model from Baker Hughes gives you instant access to blend stability predictions so you can make a quick purchase decision within a time-critical window and have the confidence your decision will be profitable and not put your operations at risk.