Masato Katsuki

Executive Officer, Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation

Masato Katsuki was appointed executive officer of the Japanese region company, Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation, part of Yokogawa group, in April 2017. He joined Yokogawa Hokushin Electric Corporation in April 1986 and has worked for Process Automation, Factory Automation, and Tester and Measurement businesses over the last 33 years.

He is currently responsible for developing and deploying four pillars of the Yokogawa digital transformation proposal: “smart facility management”, “operational efficiency improvement”, “overall energy optimization” and “operation improvement”.

He has held several management positions in Yokogawa Electric Corporation and Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation offering solutions in several industries.

  • Measurement Technical Manager (Semiconductor Tester Development), Factory Automation Division,
  • Sales Manager, ATE (Semiconductor Tester) Division
  • General Manager of Energy Optimization and Environmental Conservation (Launch energy saving business), Sales Division
  • General Manager of Food & Pharmaceutical Business, Sales Division
  • Head of Solution Business Division