Our Brand

At Baker Hughes we work interdependently with our customers and our communities to make energy available to the world, safely and affordably, so lives are transformed and prosperity thrives. We achieve this by providing the right technologies and services to explore, produce, transport and process oil and gas more efficiently every day—with no injuries, no accidents and no harm to the environment.

Innovation is the foundation of our brand. Our technology leadership creates value by developing ways to help customers improve well construction efficiency, integrating technology and services to develop new solutions that accelerate and optimize hydrocarbon production, and researching new ways to increase ultimate recovery.

Our brand identity defines us in the minds of our customers, communities, employees and shareholders. It creates expectations regarding the value we create, and it implies a promise about our ability to provide technology and services that enable the delivery of safe, affordable energy to the world.


The Baker Hughes logo shown below is the only approved logo.

The Baker Hughes logo accommodates a variety of file format and print reproduction constrains, but in all cases, the logo must use the established Baker Hughes color palette described below.

Preferred: Two-color (Pantone 285 blue globe symbol; black logotype)
Optional: All-black logo
Optional: All-white logo

The two-color logo or one-color black logo provide the best visibility on light backgrounds. The all-white logo has the best visibility on dark-value backgrounds.

Baker Hughes Logo Multi Color
Two-color logo
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All-black logo
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All-white logo
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Size and logo clear space

In order for the logo to be clearly visible, it must be at least .50 in. (13 mm) wide.

A clear-space perimeter must be applied when using the logo. No other graphics, letters, text, photographs or backgrounds should appear within this space. Always comply with the clear space guidelines when placing text, illustrations, or imagery near the logo.

The width and height of the clear space is determined by a measure equal to the height of the capital “B” in any size of Baker Hughes logotype used (see example below).

Unacceptable logo backgrounds


Do not use the two-color logo on backgrounds with 40% screen and darker.

Do not use the all-white logo on any light or white backgrounds.


It is important to maintain sufficient contrast between the logo and the object it appears on. Consequently, the two-color logo should not be used on photos with dark backgrounds, and the all-white logo should not be used on photos with white backgrounds.