Baker Hughes Adds Hydrocarbon Prediction Software to its Consulting Services

FaultRisk software reduces uncertainty, risk of hydrocarbon predictions

HOUSTON, TEXAS - May 5, 2011 - Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) announced today that it will integrate FaultSeal's FaultRisk™ software into its portfolio of reservoir consulting services. The Baker Hughes reservoir consulting group has worked with FaultRisk software developer FaultSeal for two years. In producing regions where its use has been calibrated, FaultRisk has provided a high level of accuracy in predrill studies to predict gas, water and oil/water contacts as well as associated hydrocarbon columns.

"FaultRisk improves the accuracy and utility of geomechanical pore pressure and fault leakage predictions," comments Dr. Chris Ward, vice president of reservoir consulting for Baker Hughes. "One of the key uncertainties for exploration drilling is the size of the hydrocarbon column that will be intersected by a well. Using FaultRisk, we can assess and manage that risk much more successfully in a timely and cost-effective manner."

When the hydrocarbon column is larger than expected, mud weight predictions may be inaccurate. Conversely, if the hydrocarbon column is smaller than expected, there are issues of formation damage for an accumulation that may be economically marginal. FaultRisk enables users to manage this scenario and its associated risks and costs. In addition, understanding where hydrocarbons are prior to drilling is vital for safe drilling and cost-effective well planning. During well planning, FaultRisk provides the added benefit of accurate fluid contacts prediction and, most important, sound assessment of the uncertainty.

FaultRisk adds robust capabilities to Baker Hughes' reservoir software portfolio. Baker Hughes also offers JewelSuite geomechanical modeling software and MFrac fracture simulation software.

"The addition of FaultRisk to our portfolio will give our clients a significant advantage when they are planning wells on a marginal, fault-bounded prospect or when they are designing step-out wells," Ward says. "With the support of experts at FaultSeal, we are rolling out the use of FaultRisk to our consultants worldwide."

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