Baker Hughes Introduces Mineral Characterization Service

RockView™ service reduces need for core samples and provides more accurate mineralogy estimates and improved measurement of total organic carbon (TOC)

HOUSTON, TX – April 14, 2010 – Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) has introduced its RockView™ service to enhance reservoir interpretation through accurate, in-situ mineralogical characterization. RockView is a significant addition to Baker Hughes' Shale Gas Evaluation suite, an integrated petrophysical solution for analyzing shale gas reservoirs from Baker Atlas. RockView reduces the uncertainties inherent in interpretations without core sample data through advanced application of the principles of gamma ray spectroscopy. RockView combines the geochemical data from both the Spectralog™ and the Formation Lithology eXplorer™ (FLeX™) devices from Baker Atlas. The FLeX tool enables direct measurements of the formation aluminum and magnesium elemental weights from the inelastic gamma energy spectrum for more accurate clay typing and carbonate reservoir characterization.

"The interpretive results from RockView are particularly important for unconventional reservoirs, which can be quite complex in nature," says Gary Cresswell, vice president of wireline systems for Baker Hughes. "Heterogeneity of the rock mineralogical composition can have a significant impact on the design of the completion and stimulation programs and, ultimately, production.

"In shale gas reservoirs, the ability to quantify the amount and distribution of organic carbon (kerogen) is critical to identifying the productive zones and determining the gas in place," notes Cresswell. "The FLeX tool directly measures the amount of carbon in the rock. RockView then makes the proper allocation between carbon associated with minerals and organic carbon present in the shale gas play."

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