Baker Hughes Introduces Next-Generation Reservoir Modeling Software

JewelSuite 2011 program enhances collaboration, workflows and processing

HOUSTON, TEXAS - May 4, 2011 - Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) has introduced the next generation of its JewelSuite reservoir modeling software. JewelSuite 2011 is an integrated reservoir modeling tool that uses patented 3D gridding technology to build accurate reservoir models for fields with complex geology. The JewelSuite platform also provides connectivity between its generated models and reservoir simulators-a capability designed to further improve overall simulation accuracy.

JewelSuite 2011 includes several breakthrough technologies that extend the scope of the software and the associated subsurface 3D modeling workflows. These technologies include:

  • A new approach to earth modeling collaboration
  • Linked software platforms to enhance workflows
  • More powerful processing via multithreading and multicore functionality
  • Enhanced workflows for modeling unconventional reservoirs

New collaboration functionality built into JewelSuite 2011 allows team members to share pertinent information with or without a traditional hub-and-spoke database approach. Knowledge workers can be productive, regardless of location or connectivity to the Internet. New audit trail, object-tracking and baseline modeling functionality enables team members and management to track and control the quality of subsurface models; i.e, how they were built and the assumptions and decisions used in their construction.

Multithreading and multicore functionality, along with workflow automation, allow users to make faster decisions with the advantage of modern multiple core processor architecture(s), which lets them process scenarios on two cores while simultaneously evaluating or building new, alternative scenarios on additional cores. Workflow automation allows customers to batch process property modeling, gridding steps or parameters with one click, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in evaluating structural and reservoir property uncertainties.

JewelSuite 2011 also includes microseismic visualization capabilities, which, together with the program's ability to easily create different scenarios to test flow rates based on orientation of fractures and horizontal well placement, further improves the workflow for development of unconventional reservoirs.

Through Baker Hughes' participation in the Seismic to Simulation (STS) Alliance with Seismic Micro Technology (SMT) and Computer Modeling Group (CMG), JewelSuite users can complete workflows from seismic to reservoir modeling and flow simulation in a familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Windows† operating system environment. Direct communication among JewelSuite, SMT, and CMG software platforms supports read/write, versioning, and audit capabilities.

"We believe that we have taken the first steps in providing the industry with a true shared-earth model approach through the use of advanced processes and technologies in the JewelSuite platform," says Gerard de Jager, director of product development for JewelSuite. "Our recognized strengths in modeling mature and complex fields, combined with the highest-order collaboration functionality of this new generation of our JewelSuite software, provide operators with the powerful tools necessary to maximize the value of their assets."

JewelSuite and MFrac comprise the Baker Hughes reservoir software offering. These software platforms and technologies will continue to be developed and integrated to provide customers value-added reservoir modeling workflows and tools to enable better reservoir decisions.

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