Baker Hughes Successfully Field Tests Industry's First Large-Diameter Sidewall Coring Tool

MaxCOR technology delivers larger core samples to enhance reservoir analysis and understanding.

HOUSTON, TX - April 27, 2010 - Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) has successfully field tested the industry's first large-diameter sidewall coring tool offshore Brazil. The MaxCOR™ rotary sidewall coring tool was developed in response to an operator's request for 1.5-inch diameter core samples greater than two inches in length.

During the first field test, the client requested 90 cores throughout the reservoir. MaxCOR recovered 94 cores in four runs. During a subsequent field test at a second exploration area, Baker Hughes deployed MaxCOR to successfully complete a 54-core program in two runs.

"MaxCOR provides three times the volume of core compared to standard one-inch diameter sidewall coring tools. The higher core volumes provide better results when analyzing mechanical properties, relative permeability, compressibility, capillary pressure, electrical parameters and geomechanical properties," says Gary Cresswell, vice president of wireline systems for Baker Hughes. "More accurate measurement of these attributes helps operators better understand the reservoir."

Currently, MaxCOR is the only coring tool capable of recovering large-diameter core samples after a well is drilled to cover intervals either not cored with conventional coring operations or where conventional coring operations did not achieve 100-percent recovery. Plus, MaxCOR recovers a much larger core sample in the same time it takes to deploy conventional one-inch coring tools. Based on the successful field tests, Baker Hughes anticipates future applications of MaxCOR technology in markets characterized by complex reservoirs and higher-cost challenging operating environments.

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