Baker Oil Tools Sets Deepwater Record for Horizontal Gravel Pack Completion

HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 3, 1999) - Baker Oil Tools set a new deepwater record off the coast of Brazil for the successful completion of a subsea horizontal gravel pack, at a water depth of 3,248 ft.

Using a semisubmersible floating rig, the well was completed with an 8 1/2-in. open-hole horizontal gravel pack having a lateral length of 1,673 ft.

The well was drilled to a total depth (TD) of 11,460 ft using Baker Hughes INTEQ's PERFFLOW™ drill-in fluid to prevent formation damage and provide formation stability for successful hole cleaning and gravel packing procedures.

Baker Oil Tools' EXCLUDER™ Extended Longevity Well Screen provided mechanical robustness and plugging resistance as over 37,400 lbs of sand was packed into the horizontal section. The sand was pumped at a rate of 9.1 bpm with sand concentration of 1.1 lb/gal, resulting in gravel placement of 133%. Using the PERFFLOW fluids system and hole cleaning procedures allowed successful well production with no post-job acid required.

Baker Oil Tools is a world leader in total completion, workover, and fishing solutions that help exploration and production companies optimize their hydrocarbon recovery investment.

Baker Oil Tools solutions are based on advanced downhole and surface technology, practically applied, to help operators produce at the highest levels and the lowest cost throughout the life of the reservoir.