Chinese Operator Slashes 60% Off Development Cost with Mini-Beta One-Trip Multi-Zone Completion System

Success earns Baker additional $15-million completion contract

HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 26, 2000) – China's Bohai Oil Corporation cites Baker Oil Tools' Mini-Beta One-Trip Multi-Zone Completion System for helping slash completion time per well by up to 66% and total development cost by more than 60% in its JZ93 Bohai Bay field. The Mini-Beta system, which was used to complete 30 of 47 wells in the JZ93 Bohai Bay field, enabled the operator to individually frac pack or gravel pack four zones in as few as 2.4 days.

"Even with the relatively inexpensive costs in the Bohai Bay area, the use of the Mini-Beta One-Trip Multi-Zone Gravel Pack System resulted in saving more than $2.5 million US in rig time for the wells that were completed during this project," said Liang Yue Liu, Design Manager, for Bohai Oil. The savings figure was based on rig time valued at $40,000 per day. As a result of the success of this project, Bohai Oil awarded the completion of all 186 wells in its SZ36-2 Bohai Bay field to Baker Oil Tools. That contract is valued at $15 million.

Big rewards without sacrifice

The Mini-Beta System combines Baker's field proven CK-FRAQ crossover tool technology with one-trip multi-zone expertise to allow multiple producing intervals to be gravel- or fracpacked with a single trip into the wellbore. Each interval can be treated individually while maintaining complete zonal isolation during all steps of the treatment. In addition to multiple producing intervals, the system is particularly well suited for areas where the producing formation is layered and subsequently difficult to treat as one complete interval. These layered reservoirs can be short or extremely long. To work in these varying lengths, the Mini-Beta System is adjustable for interval spacing, including intervals as close together as 28 ft (8.5 m). As a result, layered reservoirs of any length can now be treated quickly and efficiently.

"All of these attributes offer users of the Mini-Beta System the opportunity to reap big savings in rig time and cost without having to sacrifice production time or quality," said Carroll Newman, Baker Oil Tools Product Line Manager for Stimulation and Pumping Services. Newman pointed out that one particular advantage of the system is the ability to optimize technology vessel logistics so that pumping operations on all zones can be completed without operation standby.