Petrobras' First Intelligent Completion System Goes To Baker Oil Tools

HOUSTON, TEXAS (October 2, 2000) Baker Oil Tools has been awarded Petrobras' first-ever Intelligent Completion System contract. Ultimately intended for the Brazilian operator's ultra-deepwater Roncador field, Baker Oil Tools InCharge Intelligent Well System was selected over other offerings due to its simplicity and all-electronic design, incorporating a one-penetration approach and a power-on-communications architecture that will require little to no retrofit of existing subsea trees. The first qualification deployment of the InCharge system will take place at Mossor, near Natal, Brazil, at the beginning of the next year.

"Baker Oil Tools is very excited to participate with Petrobras in this deepwater milestone," said Baker Oil Tools President Ed Howell. "The all-electronic InCharge system is an ideal fit with Petrobras' objectives of reliability and elimination of hydraulics from subsea dynamic systems," Howell commented.

All-electronic system enhances reliability

"For an intelligent completion system to deliver on its functionality, it must be engineered as an integral part of the completion system. This means a detailed focus on reliability in all phases of the implementation, from design through deployment, integration and commissioning," Howell explained. The InCharge all-electronic real-time monitoring and control system has been designed with all terminations, bypasses, feedthroughs, and splices engineered within reliable, conventional completion components. "This allows operators to achieve downhole monitoring and control without compromising proven completion designs and techniques," Howell said.

One aspect of the InCharge system that is particularly valuable to subsea operators is the single control line that penetrates packers and wellhead. Combining power transmission, command and control, and data transmission on a single, 1/4-inch penetration delivers simplicity without sacrificing functionality. From this control line, the operator can monitor and control up to 12 zones in a single well, and up to 12 wells from a single InCharge Surface Control System.

The InCharge system monitors real-time measurements of pressure, temperature and flow at the sandface level(s), in both the tubing and annulus. This enables the operator to manage production and/or injection conditions in real time, and to selectively control individual zonal flow rates, thereby allowing continuous well optimization in response to changing conditions downhole. Flow contribution can be properly allocated, water and gas breakthrough can be controlled, and multiple target zones can be pre-completed to be selectively brought onstream or shut off at will from the PC-based control system.

World's first electrical wet disconnect tool

Petrobras early 2001 qualification deployment of the InCharge system will employ the world's first downhole electrical disconnect/reconnect system. Based on Baker's hydraulic wet disconnect system (also a world first), the system enables downhole electrical connectivity that is compatible with proven hydraulic/mechanical techniques routinely used in state-of-the-art deepwater tubing space-out, expansion/contraction, and stress management systems.

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