World-Record Horizontal Gravel Packs Improve Productivity

HOUSTON, TEXAS (Sept. 14, 2000) – Baker Oil Tools has completed five record-setting, 4,000-ft horizontal gravel packs in the Texaco operated Captain field in the UK North Sea, achieving impressive results for the operator and its partner, the Korea Captain Company Limited. The gravel packed wells are consistently producing in line with reservoir expectations with no sand production and no evidence of decline in productivity.

The objective of gravel packing is to stabilize the open hole completion to prevent formation sand movement in order to protect screens from plugging and erosion resulting in reliable long-term well productivity and enhanced reservoir drainage. To accomplish the objective, Texaco and Baker designed and implemented a systems approach that integrates customized drill-in fluids, high-rate displacement and hole cleaning procedures, and Baker Oil Tools' EXCLUDER™ screen Extended-Longevity Sand Control Screen and CS-300 Open Hole Gravel Packing system. The first of the 4,000-ft horizontal gravel packs was installed in Captain in November 1998 following extensive technical, operations and logistics planning. Using a brine carrier fluid, 137,000 lbs of gravel was placed in the annulus between the borehole and the EXCLUDER screen. Gravel placement was successful despite the presence of a non-cemented open hole sidetrack in the final 4000 ft long horizontal interval. The productivity index of the new gravel packed well was over ten times higher than that of the original well.

The most recent gravel pack completion, in June 2000, benefited from Baker's BetaBreaker™ valve. This tool is run as part of the gravel pack service string and is designed to reduce circulating pressures during gravel placement to avoid hydraulically fracturing the wellbore. The BetaBreaker technology will be key in Texaco's planned Captain field expansion where horizontal gravel packing in up to 6,000 ft horizontal sections is anticipated. Baker Oil Tools is a world leader in total completion, workover, and fishing solutions that help exploration and production companies optimize their hydrocarbon recovery investment. Baker Oil Tools solutions are based on advanced downhole and surface technology, practically applied, to help operators produce at the highest levels and the lowest cost throughout the life of the reservoir.