Baker Hughes Reaches 10 Million Feet with AutoTrak Curve

Baker Hughes’ AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system drills 10 million feet in only two years, delivering superior drilling efficiency.

Commercially launched only two years ago, the Baker Hughes AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system has reached an unprecedented milestone—drilling 10 million feet in unconventional shale plays. Achieving this milestone in such a short timeframe validates both the reliability of the AutoTrak Curve system and its ability to consistently expose more of the reservoir pay zone.

“Our customers have played a significant role in helping AutoTrak Curve drill 10 million feet,” said Robin Glynn, Director of Drilling Services, North America, “Through experience, they’ve come to trust the system―and that confidence has enabled us to push drilling boundaries far beyond our original expectations.”

The AutoTrak Curve system provides precise directional control, enabling operators to stay exactly on plan or change targets on the fly for optimum wellbore placement, even in thin reservoirs. This allows operators to safely and efficiently kick off from vertical and drill a high buildup rate curve and the lateral in fewer runs―saving time and money.

About Baker Hughes:

Baker Hughes is a leading supplier of oilfield services, products, technology and systems to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry. The company’s 59,000-plus employees today work in more than 80 countries helping customers find, evaluate, drill, produce, transport and process hydrocarbon resources.

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

The AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system provides fewer days on well, exact wellbore placement, and faster landing drilling in unconventional plays.

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