Baker Hughes Introduces 3D Completion Design Software

Accurate models reduce operational risks

HOUSTON – (October 29, 2014) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its Completion ArchiTEX™ (CTX™) 3D completion design software, which provides an interactive representation of real-world well environments for more accurate completion designs. The software allows users to input the exact parameters of their completion designs and make adjustments as needed to avoid hazardous situations during operations.

The hardware catalog that accompanies the CTX software is governed by smart rules and incorporates design standards and practices that ensure quality as the model is developed. Should the input parameters exceed the standards, an error message will indicate that the design criteria are noncompliant. The user will then be able to make adjustments to the model to correct and improve the completion design. The software also features an intuitive user interface with a drag-and-drop function for easier creation of 3D designs.

The CTX software models are constructed using a CAD engine that generates 2D schematics and interactive 3D graphics, allowing users to view and navigate through the well path, casing, tubing, and completion subassemblies in simulated 3D environments. It is ideally suited for complex well scenarios, including multilaterals, multizone completions, and intelligent wells.

The software offers an interactive design workspace that allows users to share concepts and parameters, and propose changes. Teams can collaborate more effectively to design 3D completion models from multiple locations, knowing that the latest model will be available along with a record of design amendments. The CTX software also provides operators with completion designs, cost estimates, and daily performance reports.

About Baker Hughes:

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3D Completion Design

The Completion ArchiTEX™ 3D completion design software helps our engineers de-risk complex design by delivering enhanced models of the well trajectory, casing, tubing, and completion sub-assemblies.

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