Baker Hughes AutoTrak eXact Rotary Steerable System Delivers Precise Placement of Complex Wells

High-angle drilling capability maximizes production potential

HOUSTON – (October 30, 2014) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its AutoTrak™ eXact high-build rotary steerable system designed to help operators drill complex 3D wells with improved directional control and superior borehole quality. The AutoTrak eXact system combines high-buildup-rate capability with advanced logging-while-drilling (LWD) services, enabling optimized completions, improving drilling efficiency, and maximizing production potential.

Using proprietary and proven closed-loop steering control, the AutoTrak eXact system delivers precise wellbore placement with high borehole quality in all applications for easier casing runs. The system has the ability to drill shorter curve sections up to 12°/100 ft, compared to conventional systems that offer 5-6°/100 ft build rates. This maximizes reservoir exposure and helps avoid costly directional work in troublesome formations.

Compatible with the Baker Hughes advanced suite of LWD services, the AutoTrak eXact system also provides access to real-time formation evaluation and reservoir data to help geosteer wells and optimize placement in the reservoir.

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AutoTrak eXact Rotary Steerable Drilling System

The AutoTrak™ eXact™ rotary steerable drilling system combines high-BUR drilling with the collection of LWD data to help operators maximize production and minimize risk.

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