Baker Hughes Introduces Integrated Reservoir Modeling Software

JewelSuite 6 software is the next generation of multidisciplinary applications for data-driven decisions across all E&P domains

HOUSTON – (June 2, 2015) Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its next-generation JewelSuite™ 6 software, which helps operators improve data-driven decisions across all E&P domains with integrated applications for geological modeling and reservoir engineering, geomechanical modeling, and reservoir stimulation. The software provides effective modeling solutions to help operators increase certainty in their operations, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Developed in close collaboration with a major E&P operator, each JewelSuite 6 software application has a modern intuitive user interface, automated workflows, and built-in smart rules to help increase operational efficiency, data accuracy and accelerate the learning curve for new users.

The geological modeling and reservoir engineering application can rapidly build accurate models and run multiple scenarios in complex reservoirs assist the user in determining an economically viable development plan for projects. Clearer understanding of the subsurface enables better decisions on well placement, reserves estimation, and production planning.

The geomechanical modeling application creates detailed models that assist users in predicting drilling and production problems and developing solutions to mitigate them. The application can be used independently or as part of integrated geomechanical workflows— from one-dimensional well-centric models to advanced 3D reservoir-centric models, 3D fault stability analysis and 4D full-field finite-element geomechanical simulations—all within a single interface.

The reservoir stimulation application enables operators to quickly and accurately select the hydraulic fracturing design for unconventional field development that best meets their requirements. All of the applications are built on the JewelEarth™ 6 software platform, which enables seamless integration among JewelSuite applications and connectivity with most other industry technology, including applications, plug-ins, and workflows. A software development kit, introduced simultaneously with the JewelSuite 6 software, will allow developers to easily create and integrate new technology into the JewelEarth 6 platform.

The JewelSuite 6 software is the latest example of Baker Hughes’ strategy to improve well efficiency, optimize production and increase ultimate recovery.


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JewelSuite 6

The next generation of fully integrated geological modeling, reservoir engineering, geomechanical, and reservoir stimulation applications that delivers accurate...

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