Baker Hughes Introduces Solution to Avoid Production Interruptions

CENesis PHASE solution improves production, artificial lift system reliability and reserve recovery

HOUSTON – (December 17, 2015) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its CENesis PHASE™ multiphase encapsulated production solution, which helps operators avoid production interruptions in unconventional wells. Designed to separate natural gas from the oil stream before it can enter an electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system, the solution mitigates production downtime and potential ESP performance issues, which can ultimately improve reserve recovery.

“ESP systems are critical to achieving maximum production rates and reservoir pressure draw down in unconventional wells,” said Wade Welborn, Vice President, Artificial Lift Systems at Baker Hughes. “But when traditional ESPs face problems with gas pockets entering the wellbore and causing system interruptions, their effectiveness is impacted. The CENesis PHASE solution is the only ESP offering in the industry capable of increasing reserve recovery without risking significant gas-related production interruptions or sacrificing system longevity.”

During the production phase in unconventional plays, higher levels of natural gas are usually released from the payzone as reservoir pressure depletes. This gas typically enters the horizontal wellbore and accumulates in the high-side of the lateral, creating large gas slugs that, as they move up the wellbore, cause low-flow or no-flow conditions in an ESP system. The CENesis PHASE solution mitigates this problem by surrounding the entire ESP system in a shroud, allowing lighter natural gas to continue flowing up the wellbore while heavier production fluid flows into the shroud and is produced through the ESP system.

The shroud also provides a supply of production fluid so the ESP can continue to operate during gas slug events when natural gas completely displaces fluid in the wellbore. Mitigating this gas interference in the pumping system stabilizes production and reduces downtime associated with pump cycling and gas locking conditions.

The CENesis PHASE solution also improves ESP system longevity by minimizing the likelihood of shut downs due to gas cycling through the pumps and locking the system. The shrouded system design is beneficial during the installation as well, protecting the ESP components as they pass through the deviated sections of a horizontal wellbore. In addition, an integrated recirculation system redirects fluid flow past the motor to help prevent overheating, which can shorten the life of an ESP. To further enhance ESP longevity in wells in which scale or corrosion is a concern, the integrated recirculation system can be used to deliver a chemical treatment directly below the ESP motor to treat the entire ESP. In wells in which sand production is an issue, the CENesis PHASE solution can incorporate sand management devices such as the Baker Hughes EXCLUDER™ sand screen to keep sand from entering the ESP or falling back into the ESP during a shut down.

Baker Hughes recently deployed the solution to help an operator in Kansas increase production by 346% compared to a gas lift system, and improve ESP system run life by 440% versus a traditional ESP design. Prior to implementing the CENesis PHASE solution, the operator had been using gas lift and traditional ESP systems. However, the gas lift system could not efficiently draw down reservoir pressure, which limited production, and the traditional ESP systems experienced frequent shutdowns and high motor operating temperatures due to gas interference. 

The CENesis PHASE multiphase encapsulated production solution is the latest example of Baker Hughes’ strategy to improve well efficiency, optimize production and increase ultimate recovery.

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