New Extreme Performance Gravel-pack and Frac-pack System Enables Successful Frac-pack Completion in Gulf of Mexico

HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 26, 2013) – Baker Hughes announced today the availability of a new gravel-pack and frac-pack system designed to increase operational efficiency by withstanding higher bottomhole temperatures and to improve production ratings compared to previous sand control systems. The SC-XP™ gravel-pack and frac-pack system combines field-proven technology and design enhancements in a single package. Its new design provides advanced performance in extreme environments, as recently demonstrated during the frac-pack completion of a well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gravel and frac-pack systems are used to deploy lower completion equipment and to carry fluid and proppant to control sand production and stimulate the formation intervals being completed. The systems include retrievable packers, gravel pack extensions, and running tools to convey proppant into the pay zone. The industry requires these systems to be run quickly and operated with minimum impact on rig time. Gravel and frac-pack systems also must combine high torque and pressure ratings with the ability to handle high volumes of proppant without eroding the system flow ports or damaging the well’s casing.

The single-platform SC-XP system can be used for both frac packing and openhole gravel packing. The system incorporates the critical features of field-proven Baker Hughes gravel pack systems coupled with engineering design enhancements onto a single optimized platform. It can be run into the well up to 30% faster than previous systems. Available in 7⅝-in. and 9⅝-in. sizes, the SC-XP system can operate reliably at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), treating pressures of 15,000 psi (103.421 MPA), and can convey proppant volumes up to 1,600,000 lb at a rate of 65 bpm, while still preserving casing integrity. The system has undergone extensive erosion and stack-up testing at Baker Hughes technology centers and test wells. The SC-XP system is a Baker Hughes PayZone solution, designed to help operators maximize recovery from their reservoirs.

Baker Hughes recently performed the first commercial frac-pack job with the SC-XP system in the Gulf of Mexico for a major operator in the South Timbalier field. The system was used to frac pack a completion in 7-5/8-in. casing at a depth of 12,600 ft (3840 m). The smooth installation verified the system’s efficient design and frac-packing operations were completed flawlessly.

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SC-XP Gravel- and Frac-Packing System

Our system offers faster conveyance rates, higher bottomhole temperature, and a higher production rating than existing sand control systems in extreme environments.

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