HOUSTON, TEXAS (May 2, 2012) -Rigless Intervention

HOUSTON, TEXAS (May 2, 2012) – Baker Hughes’ new mechanized, self-pinning rigless intervention system, Mastiff™, provides operators an alternative method for carrying out pipe installation and retrieval operations, which typically require a costly offshore rig. By eliminating the need for a rig, the Mastiff Rigless Intervention System (RIS) can reduce the cost of abandonment, workover and drive pipe pre-installation operations.

The Mastiff RIS’ modular design and light weight make it ideal for operations on platforms with limited load capacity and is easily deployed worldwide. With a maximum weight of 24,000 pounds (10886 kg), each RIS module can be transported in a standard 40-foot (12-meter) open-top container.

The Mastiff RIS has a self-pinning mast erection system that improves safety and enables the unit to be rigged up or rigged down in 24 to 48 hours. Hydraulics built into the system enable the modular components to be assembled and disassembled using a hydraulic, self-pinning design, eliminating the need for riding belt operations, and dramatically reducing risks associated with working at height and manual handling of components. The system’s sturdy mast enables safe operation at wind speeds of up to 50 mph (43.5 knots).

The system has a 352-ton pulling capacity. While performing conductor pipe removal, the Mastiff RIS can support cutting and pulling lifts of 50-foot sections of 36-inch conductor pipe, inner casing and cement, a significant improvement over casing jack systems, which work with 5-foot sections.

As an alternative to well abandonment, the Mastiff RIS can be used to initiate a slot recovery program for continued field development prior to the arrival of the drilling rig. Once the pipe is removed, the well slot can be prepared for a new, full-sized wellbore using a full-range of equipment from drive-pipe whipstocks to hammer services, saving valuable rig time and offering the operator the option to further redevelop assets.

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