Comprehensive Gravel-pack Solution Improves Efficiency and Reduces Risk

The TORRENT openhole gravel-pack solution helps to ensure long-term sand control and profitable field development

Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its patent-pending TORRENT™ openhole gravel-pack solution, designed to help operators improve packing efficiency, reduce HSE risks and streamline operations in high-cost offshore environments. The solution combines a field-proven multipath gravel-pack screen, specialized ultralight weight proppants and a reliable gravel-pack system—all backed by a portfolio of pumping equipment and services, and modeling software—to provide reliable long-term sand control and profitable field development.

The EXCELLPAK™ multipath screen provides multiple interconnected flow paths to transport slurry over the entire length of the screen, regardless of annular obstructions. The screen contains four kidney-shaped transport tubes to maximize flow area and provide redundant slurry channels for improved reliability. Proppant enters the annulus through erosion-resistant ports located along a dedicated packing tube that runs the length of each screen joint. The shape of the tubes enables a larger basepipe diameter for increased total production area, enabling maximum reservoir drainage with minimal pressure loss. A specially designed communication system allows the slurry streams to commingle and redistribute at each coupling to further enhance reliability. A proprietary cross-coupling connector system offers quick and efficient screen joint makeup, reducing rig time and the risk of objects dropped downhole.

To reduce operational requirements and HSE risks, the solution also includes a selection of the company’s LiteProp™ ultralight weight proppants. The low density of the proppants keeps it suspended, enabling lower pumping rates to reduce friction and improve efficiency in long horizontal applications. No damaging gels or breaker additives are required, eliminating the need for specialized blending and pumping equipment, along with the time and risk associated with complex formulation. And because the gravel pack does not have to be broken, after-pack settling and hot spotting are avoided, ensuring reliable, long-term sand control.

The SC-XP™ gravel pack system features a swab-resistant V0-rated packer element that enables fast conveyance and withstands high circulation rates, enabling more efficient openhole displacement operations. The crossover tool supports set-down weight in all tool positions to provide positive location and increase reliability.

Rounding out the solution is gravel-pack simulation software that allows comprehensive job planning and real-time decision-making during deployment to improve operations and enhance efficiency.

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TORRENT Openhole Gravel-Pack Solution

The TORRENT™ openhole gravel-pack solution helps achieve 99%+ packing efficiency and improves the overall economics of gravel-pack jobs in one streamlined, integrated operation.

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