HOUSTON, TEXAS – Nov. 10, 2011

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Nov. 10, 2011 – A new Baker Hughes water treatment technology cost-effectively removes suspended solids and heavy metals without chemicals and treats 100% of flowback and produced water for reuse.

The H2prO™ water treatment service uses an exclusive electrocoagulation technology that reliably eliminates contaminants without chemicals and reduces costly non-productive time. The service combines high mobility and proven technology to conserve freshwater use; reduces transportation and disposal costs and complies with all regulatory requirements.

“This service addresses water supply limitations and enhances the pace of our customers’ pressure pumping operations,” says Tom Whalen, Baker Hughes’ Vice President of Water Management. “We improve overall efficiency of operations and reduce total water cost because this is part of a fully integrated process from pressure pumping to water treatment and disposal.”

Application starts with in-depth water tests to analyze the unique characteristics of each well or other water source. Next, Baker Hughes mobilizes the right water treatment equipment to enable operators to reuse the water for drilling or hydraulic fracture. This pre-treatment analysis reduces the risk of formation damage.

“Operators are no longer constrained by permanent equipment that may not be ideal for their needs,” Whalen adds. “We work with each operator on an individual basis to come up with a collaborative plan to conserve water, reduce transportation and disposal costs and design the best solution for each basin, reservoir or field to recycle and reuse produced and flowback water. We have the field proven technology, solutions and the equipment operators who look to us need.”

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