HOUSTON, TEXAS – Oct. 31, 2011 – PDC

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Nov. 7, 2011 – The Talon™ 3D high-efficiency vector-accurate PDC bit shortens the time it takes to drill a well and offers Baker Hughes’ customers the directional control necessary to drill curve and lateral sections in a single run.

“Operators want to drill quickly and accurately so they can stay on plan,” says Scott Schmidt, Baker Hughes’ President of Drilling and Evaluation. “We have further refined the design of our bit to address all of customers’ needs — enhanced directional control, improved run life and reduced days on the well.”

The ability of the bit to provide a high rate of penetration enables operators to improve performance in difficult-to-drill formations. The Talon 3D drill bit reliably handles the wear and tear of drilling environments through the use of an efficient bit profile, application-specific cutting structures and superior hard-facing material. Proprietary polished cutters also reduce balling to eliminate buildup on the cutting face and aid the evacuation of cuttings to improve overall drilling efficiency.

Large-volume junk slots provide hydraulic efficiency in low horsepower per square inch situations, while patented torque management technology and a shorter bit length help operators drill directional wells quickly and accurately. All of these features work together to provide enhanced directional control, superior cutting through tough formations, and the ability to efficiently hit the pay zone.

“When operations call for reducing trips, especially in shale-play environments, our Talon 3D bit can help operators shorten their days on a well and increase the rate of penetration in situations once considered off limits,” Schmidt adds. “Bottom line: This bit allows those using it to drill farther, faster and with more control.”

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