HOUSTON, TEXAS – Oct. 31, 2011 - WellLink 3D

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Nov. 4, 2011 – Turning wellbore-related data into real-time imagery for enhanced well planning and optimization, directional drilling and reservoir navigation is now part of Baker Hughes’ digital oilfield offerings through its WellLink™ 3D visualization service.

“Our customers can now see a real-time synopsis of their drilling environment, including Earth models and tool diameters,” says Scott Schmidt, Baker Hughes’ President of Drilling and Evaluation. “Well data is now viewable within its geologic context allowing operators to make real-time corrections of well trajectory and drilling parameters, effectively optimizing wellbore placement and maximizing reservoir contact.”

Powered by the CoViz® platform from Dynamic Graphics Inc., the WellLink 3D visualization service provides a single, integrated 3D visualization and decision support solution that leverages the industry-standard protocol, WITSML. The ability to connect directly to other WITSML data sources enables operators to visualize both off-line and real-time datasets through a vendor-neutral, shared display.

“Data using many curves can be rendered as a single, clear and easy-to-understand symbol,” Schmidt adds. “Objects such as Earth models, well trajectory, logs and reservoir models can all be integrated and viewed in a collaborative environment. It truly is an exciting and user-friendly tool that will facilitate discussions and decision-making, especially between those at a rig site and others who may be providing input from remote locations.”

Baker Hughes’ WellLink 3D visualization service:

  • Improves the understanding of real-time measurements by displaying them in geologic context.
  • Minimizes risk through better understanding of the formation and its relationship with the wellbore.
  • Provides better understanding of available space between offset well paths and the planned or actual well path for optimal anti-collision planning.

To learn more about the Baker Hughes WellLink 3D visualization service, visit our website at www.bakerhughes.com.

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