Increase Reservoir Contact, Improve Results: Target Production Zone Using Baker Hughes’ New Shale Technology

HOUSTON, TEXAS (October 11, 2012) – Baker Hughes’ new FracPoint™ MP sleeve with DirectConnect™ ports allows for increased contact with the reservoir, offering more controlled hydraulic fracture initiation points and improving connectivity to the pay zone.

The FracPoint MP sleeve with DirectConnect ports adds new capabilities to the successful FracPoint completion technique. The system uses openhole packers to isolate multiple stages and ball-activated sleeves to divert the fracturing treatment into the formation. With the new FracPoint MP sleeve, a single ball is used to open five sleeves per stage. Each sleeve includes eight DirectConnect ports placed 45 degrees apart over the extension of the sleeve.

At each stage, a ball is dropped, the sleeves are opened and hydraulic pressure pushes the telescoping DirectConnect ports into the formation at high velocity. The ports act like chisels to initiate fractures at controlled points along the wellbore. This results in accurate placement of the fracture treatment and better connectivity to the reservoir.

With the FracPoint MP sleeve with DirectConnect ports, operators are able to fracture through five sleeves per stage with as many as 17 stages per well, connecting with the reservoir through as many as 85 sleeves and 680 ports. The DirectConnect technology, combined with the FracPoint multistage fracturing system, offers uniform connectivity allowing for better Pay Zone Management.

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FracPoint Ball-activated Multistage Fracturing Systems

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