New bit provides better curve drilling performance and improved rig economics

Kymera FSR directional hybrid drill bit increases speed, distance, and precision

Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its Kymera™ FSR directional hybrid drill bit, which delivers fast, smooth, and reliable performance while drilling curve sections in challenging carbonate formations. The Kymera FSR bit was designed to capture more payzone by providing

  • Increased drilling speeds
  • Greater distance between bit runs
  • Improved directional precision.

The unique hybrid design of the Kymera FSR bit combines the attributes of both PDC and tricone bit technologies, and as a result, outperforms those bit types in carbonates. The sharper, more aggressive teeth on the bit’s roller cones crush these formations with ease, while the PDC cutters of the bit sweep away debris and efficiently clean the borehole.

While tricone bits tend to run at a slower pace with less torque, and PDC bits drill fast with excess torque, the Kymera FSR bit design allows it to drill much faster while reducing reactive torque fluctuations. This performance decreases damage to the bit and drillstring, and provides added toolface control. The result is faster, more precise, and smoother drilling for longer distances, often to total depth (TD) at a higher buildup rate.

In field tests in the Permian, Eagle Ford, and Williston basins, 51 runs of the Kymera FSR showed an 80% average increase in rate of penetration over the offset average, and an 82% success rate in getting to TD with just one bit, reducing bit trips, nonproductive time, and total drilling costs in the curve.

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Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

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