Baker Hughes REAL Connect Service Connects Wells to Long-Lasting Hydrocarbon Flow Paths for Enhanced Recovery

Service redirects frac fluids to untreated perforation clusters and reservoir zones

HOUSTON – (February 05, 2015) – Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its REAL Connect™ service, which leverages superior diverter systems, advanced engineering techniques, and experienced wellsite personnel to help improve hydrocarbon recovery in hydraulic fracturing applications. The service’s diverter systems redirect frac fluid flow to the untreated perforation sets within a stage to increase fracture network complexity and provide more uniform coverage. Once the stimulation treatment is complete and the diverter materials dissolve, ultra-lightweight proppant material remains in the near wellbore for long-lasting production flow paths.

The service helped an operator in De Soto Parish, Louisiana rejuvenate several mature wells from their existing inventory of unconventional wells that were reaching the low end of the production curve. Baker Hughes designed a refracturing program that used the REAL Connect service to temporarily isolate existing fracture networks in order to redirect fluids to untreated zones and stimulate untapped portions of the reservoir. The service enabled the operator to refracture the lateral section with greater effect, enhancing the fracturing networks and increasing ultimate recovery (EUR) from the reservoir without drilling new wells. Based on the average drilling and completion cost of USD 10.1 million and average restimulation cost of USD 3.1 million, the operator saved an estimated USD 7 million per well.

The REAL Connect service can also accelerate fracturing operations by reducing the numbers of required plugs for more efficient horizontal multi-stage refracturing treatments.

“The REAL Connect service leverages our proprietary REAL Divert™ Complete system to deliver effective, efficient, and productive diversion, minimizing the risk of collapsed or choked hydrocarbon pathways,” said Baker Hughes vice president of production enhancement, Brad Baker. “In addition, the system’s diversion materials remain degradable and soluble in both hydrocarbon- and water-based fluids so they clean up after the stimulation treatment.”


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REAL Connect Service

The Baker Hughes REAL Connect™ service leverages state-of-the-art diverter systems to redirect your frac fluid flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is needed for maximum stimulation performance.

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