Baker Hughes Introduces Fracture Analysis Services to Increase Production and Ultimate Recovery

StageWatch services collect reservoir data for future well planning, better understanding of the reservoir, and effective refracturing strategies

Baker Hughes announced today the commercial release of its StageWatch™ fracture analysis services that include monitoring sleeves and retrievable pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges to collect P/T data. In the post-acquisition phase of data, the StageWatch services pair P/T data with additional information to learn more about subsurface formations, reservoirs, and fields. This enables better planning for future wells, provides a clearer understanding of the reservoir, facilitates data-driven completion designs to increase production and ultimate recovery, and helps identify more effective refracturing strategies.

The StageWatch P/T gauges are housed in a monitoring sleeve, which is run in the hole as part of the casing string to record pressure and temperature in the wellbore before, during, and after fracturing operations. Sleeves can be placed anywhere in the wellbore, so data can be captured from multiple zones without modifying the existing casing program. After the fracturing job is complete, all of the P/T gauges are retrieved in a single run using a coiled tubing bottomhole assembly.

The full set of acquired data can be easily downloaded from the gauges and quickly processed to characterize the reservoir, the fracture network, and the production potential. The StageWatch services data interpretation component offers a clearer picture of the subsurface environment, which in turn helps operators improve overall field production, operational efficiency, and ultimate recovery.

About Baker Hughes:

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StageWatch Fracture Analysis Services

The Baker Hughes StageWatch™ fracture analysis services collect reservoir data for future well planning, effective refracturing strategies, and a better understanding of the reservoir.

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