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The American Oil & Gas Reporter: Novel Drill Bits Break New Ground, Improve Well Economics

Continuous improvements in drill bit design and performance are driving an ongoing revolution in drilling efficiency in horizontal resource plays. Oil and gas companies are...

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Hydrocarbon Processing: Expand crude diet flexibility through comprehensive oil management

One of the primary means for refiners to boost profitability is to improve crude diet flexibility. Many refiners are challenged with increasing their margins while the quality...

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Refiners have always sought to boost their profitability by improving their crude diet flexibility. Such flexibility allows refiners to control how much of a discounted,...

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Hart’s E&P: Last Word, Radical Efficiencies

Well, we’ve all done it. In response to the worst downturn in recent history, our industry has delivered unprecedented cost cutting. Collectively, we’ve reduced our workforce,...


Hart’s E&P: Slimline ESP Boosts Production Rates Deeper In The Well

For unconventional oil and gas producers looking to lower drilling costs, optimize completion designs and improve wellbore stability, a popular solution is to merely drill...


Hart's E&P: Smart drillpipe technologies for the driller’s toolbox

Wired drillpipe (WDP) technology was implemented on a multiple-well project located offshore the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The operator’s main objective was to drill each...

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Hart's E&P: Optimizing Production, Economics In Mature Fields

To generate cash flow in low-price markets, operators have historically turned to the resource they can count on most—fields that have proved they can produce. But optimizing...


Drilling Contractor: 3 classes for PDC bits of the future: fit for purpose, special application, part of automated drilling system

Editor’s Note: This article is the second in a two-part series on PDC technology. The first part, published in the July/August 2015 edition of DC, summarized where we have been...


World Oil: Method proves itself for field monitoring of asphaltene treatment programs

Asphaltene deposition is a serious concern for operators, particularly in deepwater subsea systems, due to the immense capital costs of these developments; expense and...

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Offshore: Deep compressional wave imaging improves understanding of Gulf of Mexico play

Structural features such as salt domes have frustrated operators in the Gulf of Mexico for decades. The crystalline (evaporite) nature of the salt causes it to “flow” easily,...