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Hart’s E&P: Enhancing Production Efficiency Through Model-based Predictive Analytics

Digitalization of the aviation, automotive and other industries has fundamentally improved the way these industries manage production by leveraging automation in the manufacturi...


Drilling Contractor: Exception-based remote monitoring incorporates intelligence to enable early detection of well control events

Industry statistics suggest that the majority of well control incidents and near-misses occur during well construction operations. To address this issue, the industry has focuse...


JPT: Wireline-Retrievable Well Barrier

Baker Hughes’ CAPSTONE wireline-retrievable well barrier provides an economical solution for temporary wellbore isolation while minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) and ensuring ...


AOGR: PIT Airport Project Optimizes Horizontal Drilling Results

CANONSBURG, PA.–More than 240 flights carrying some 22,000 passengers move through the runways and concourses of the Pittsburgh International Airport every day. But below the PI...


World Oil: Proppant-sized solid inhibitors improve flow assurance in fraced wells

The economic value of a hydraulically fractured well is highly dependent upon flow assurance—that is, maintaining unimpeded flow of hydrocarbons from the formation to the surfac...

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Hydrocarbon Processing: Non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor optimizes cooling tower uptime for environmental compliance

Cooling water systems play a critical role in the efficient operation of hydrocarbon processing facilities. Ensuring that these systems efficiently cool and condense the various...

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JPT: Technology Application, Trouble-Zone Drilling Solution

Operators are looking to extend the profitable life of their fields, which often requires drilling through problematic environments, or trouble zones. To enable safe, efficient,...

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Offshore: Real-time, flow-off pressure data service improves drilling efficiency, safety

Drilling safely and efficiently from one section of an offshore well to the next depends on establishing accurate and clearly quantifiable pressure limits related to formation a...


World Oil: What’s New In Artificial Lift?

In recent years, ESPs have been the fastest-growing form of artificial lift, partially due to their ability to operate across a broad range of flowrates and depths. Slimline ESP...


Offshore: Precommissioning Flowline Project Meets Objectives Offshore Angola

Flooding, cleaning, and gauging 11 production flowlines and nine water injection flowlines at water depths of 1,050-1,410 m (3,445-4,626 ft) presented a wide range of challenges...