Bifueling Big Step In Fracturing Future

Article originally published in the July 2013 American Oil & Gas Reporter.

HOUSTON–Thanks in large part to the entrepreneurial spirit of U.S. independent oil and gas producers, the great "shale gas and tight oil boom" is fueling a tangible rise in domestic oil production, a surplus in natural gas supplies, and for the first time in decades, a more secure energy future for the United States. However, given the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry throughout its long history, the question has to be asked, "Is this sustainable?"

It can be. But that is only possible if the industry and the nation at large continue to pursue and adopt ongoing technology innovations that promote more sustainable solutions in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and environmental stewardship.

There is no doubt that the upstream industry is making strides in efficiency and resource usage to maximize the production potential of prolific wells. The lessons learned in the early days of Barnett Shale development have evolved into a litany of proven best practices being deployed in shale gas and tight oil plays all across North America. The result is that the industry is delivering wells with optimal lateral lengths, drilled from highly efficient multiple-well pads and using completion techniques that drive ever-rising reserves recovery.

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