Cement-bond Logging Service Improves Wellbore Integrity Assessment

Cemented tubulars provide isolation between the environment and flowing production fluids. Operators in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry rely on the accuracy of cement-bond logs to make critical decisions that can affect long-term well integrity and the environment. Several downhole conditions, such as thick casings, heavy borehole mud and low-density cement, pose potential problems to the acquisition of representative cement evaluation data.

The most challenging conditions occur when cement becomes contaminated with borehole mud during the cementing process and when low-density cement is used. Both of these conditions decrease the acoustic impedance properties of the cement, which makes it invisible to traditional acoustic-based cement evaluation services.

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Integrity eXplorer Cement Evaluation Service

Our Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service provides accurate information to help operators make critical decisions that impact well integrity.

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