Baker Hughes Wins Six World Oil Awards

Baker Hughes won six awards, the most of any company, at the 15th annual World Oil Awards event held on October 13, 2016 in Houston, Texas. The awards recognize innovative thinking and next-generation leadership in the global upstream oil and gas industry. The following Baker Hughes’ innovator and innovations were selected:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nathan Meehan

Dr. Nathan Meehan is a renowned petroleum engineer with expertise in interdisciplinary projects in reservoir characterization and technology development, horizontal well applications, thermal and compositional reservoir simulation, waterflooding, and hydraulic fracturing.

Best Deepwater Technology Award

BASTILLE™ HP/HT removable production packer

The BASTILLE™ packer is the first production packer that can be efficiently removed after being exposed to harsh HP/HT conditions.

Best EOR Technology Award

GelBlock™ temporary annular isolation system

The GelBlock™ temporary annular isolation system provides short-term isolation similar to cement without permanently blocking production from existing hydrocarbon flow paths. It is ideal for isolating productive zones during a recompletion or refracturing operation.

Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development – Offshore Award

DeepShield™ deepwater subsurface safety valve

The DeepShield™ deepwater subsurface safety valve delivers fail-safe performance in completions that require low operating pressures due to control system limitations. The DeepShield provides simple and reliable operations in the most critical applications, and delivers the redundancy and assurance required in remote subsea wells.

Best Production Chemicals Award

FATHOM™ XT SUBSEA525 asphaltene inhibitor

FATHOM™ XT production chemicals help offshore operators produce more reliably with better flow assurance. These certified chemical programs help minimize lost production and risk against corrosion, scale, hydrate, paraffin, and asphaltene deposits.

Best Well Integrity Technology Award

Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service

The Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service provides accurate information that helps operators gain an understanding of the cement bond—regardless of weight or contamination—to make critical downhole decisions with confidence.

2016 finalists:

Best Completion Technology Award

Ascent™ high-side fracturing service

The Ascent™ high-side fracturing service leverages advanced modelling, specialized pumping techniques and strong, ultra-lightweight proppant technologies to create and maintain open fractures above the lateral wellbore—maximizing both the conductive fracture area and ultimate recovery.

SPECTRE™ disintegrating frac plug

The SPECTRE™ frac plug offers the same flexible stage placement as traditional composite plugs, but the entire plug—including the body, specially engineered IN-Tallic™ slip system, and packing element—fully disintegrates downhole in the presence of wellbore fluids. No post-frac intervention. No debris.

Best Data Management and Application Solution Award

AMBIT™ fiber-optic data management service

The AMBIT™ fiber-optic data management service makes managing complex DTS data faster and easier than ever before, using a software as a service (SaaS) deployment method to provide a flexible, web-based service that seamlessly transmits, stores, and visualizes data for quick access and analysis—anytime, anywhere.

Best Drilling Technology Award

Talon™ Force PDC drill bit

Talon™ Force high-velocity PDC drill bits combine industry-leading cutter technology with customized cutting structures to push performance to the next level.

Innovative Thinker Award

Dan Scott

Dan Scott is one of Baker Hughes’ most prolific inventors and one of the petroleum industry’s most widely respected experts on the research, development, manufacture and application of polycrystalline diamond components in drilling, PDC cutters and bearings, and diamond impregnated carbide components.