Blue Whale

ISP (Inflatable Service Packer)

Engineered to provide reliable wellbore isolation in deepwater drilling applications while reducing well-construction costs

Before now, zone isolation in large-diameter casing and open holes offshore required a broad spectrum of packers, procedures, and secondary tools of a specific size and configuration for each job. Blue Whale™ ISP replaces a collection of tools with a single, simple tool that provides reliable operation in a range of casing or open-hole IDs from 7 in. to 36 in. Blue Whale ISP reduces rig time, storage requirements, and transportation costs, which lowers total well-construction and intervention costs.

Blue Whale ISP is far more robust than ordinary inflatable packers. It is the only ISP engineered specifically for large-diameter applications that are most common to deepwater environments. Blue Whale ISP technology is based on the Baker Hughes Inflatable PIP (Production Injection Packer), the world’s first and most widely used inflatable packer.

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