CoPilot Brochure

Real-time drilling optimization service

Spotlight the downhole drilling environment

Baker Hughes’ CoPilot™ Real-Time Drilling Optimization service raises the bar to deliver enhanced wellsite efficiency, reliability and borehole quality. This industry-leading service–based on comprehensive pre-well planning, a versatile new data acquisition and diagnostic tool, and thorough post-well analysis– reveals insight into downhole conditions with a level of accuracy and detail never provided by a prior tool or service.

At the wellsite, the CoPilot service helps drillers optimize their drilling performance in real-time via a multiple-sensor downhole tool, a customizable display reflecting the downhole conditions,and experienced personnel engaged in proactive processes and intervention techniques to improve the drilling process.

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INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

The INTEQ™ drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process with certified experts who focus exclusively on improving your drilling performance.

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