Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management Approach

Improve crude diet flexibility and increase your profits

Crude diet flexibility is one of the primary means of improving a refinery’s profitability. The ability to process discounted crudes—from light shale oil to heavy Canadian crudes— opens up a window of opportunity for refiners, but it also comes with an array of challenges and risks. With so many unknown factors about crude oil makeup and characteristics, uncertainty in processing is higher than ever.

Baker Hughes can help you overcome these concerns with our comprehensive Crude Oil Management™ approach, which includes a suite of tools and technologies that provide the best feedstock preparation and desalting performance possible to maximize your profitability and minimize your risk. Poor desalting efficiency, uncontrollable emulsions, and other desalting challenges are common when processing lower priced opportunity crude oils and will further impact downstream operations. Proactively gaining insight into the processing challenges of crude blends allows you to confidently increase your crude diet flexibility without compromising reliability.

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Opportunity Crude Processing

Our chemical treatment programs and services reduce refinery feedstock cost and improve feedstock selection flexibility.

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