Drilling Lab

This state-of-the-art laboratory, employing one of the drilling industry’s most sophisticated high-pressure downhole simulators, reflects Baker Hughes’ commitment to continually lead the way in developing innovative, cost-saving technology. Together with the Baker Hughes Experimental Test Area (BETA) South of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where full-scale field tests are conducted, the Drilling Technology Laboratory gives Baker Hughes researchers a more precise understanding of the drilling environment. This opens the door for the development of products and ideas designed to steadily redefine performance standards.

The ability to test products and concepts in a controlled laboratory environment and in full-scale field situations gives Baker Hughes a one-two punch unmatched in the drill bit industry.

The Drilling Technology Laboratory enables Baker Hughes engineers to optimize penetration rates, hydraulics, and examine bit behavior under strict laboratory controls, dramatically shortening the lead time between concept and product introduction. Downhole conditions equivalent to drilling at depths of up to 30,000 feet with 9.5 ppg mud can be simulated so that engineers can quickly and accurately determine the performance of full-size drill bits in various in-situ conditions and under different operating parameters.

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