ESP Systems for Unconventional Oil Plays - Overview

Delivering reliable system solutions to maximize production

Unconventional oil plays require specialized equipment to continue producing as production declines. These wells often see ever changing gas-to-oil ratios (GOR) and solids, creating reliability issues for rod pumps and other artificial lift equipment.
Baker Hughes has developed a specific line of system components designed to maximize production across a wide flow range with the ability to handle high gas volumes. We have installed more than 1,000 electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems since 2007 in unconventional applications. Increased run times and reliability improvements are being seen every year. We have extensive oilfield experience to handle your unconventional oil plays around the world.
These ESP system solutions include equipment innovations such as Centrilift FLEXPump™ series pumps, AMBIT™ ESP monitoring and optimization services, Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drives (VSD), and our next generation CENTRILINE™ Centri-TDS cable.
The FLEXPump series pumps have the industry’s widest operating range, providing the operational flexibility required in dynamic well conditions to minimize ESP system changeouts and nonproductive time while reducing operating expenses. These pumps are specifically designed to maximize production and ultimate reserve recovery from unconventional resource plays in which the production index declines rapidly and GOR’s are ever changing.
These pumps may be used in an ESP system with AMBIT software, which offers remote monitoring and automated alarming of well conditions to reduce costly downtime and maximize production. Baker Hughes turns ordinary operational data into powerful information for real-time decision making.

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Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

Our electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems solutions will optimize your production and the associated investments required to deliver increased value from your reservoir.

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