JETTISON Solids Release Technology

Breakthrough in solids management within the desalting process

The Challenge: Increase removal of solids and contaminants from crude oils during the desalting process

What is the most critical challenge for removing solids from crudes today? New crude oils, with a higher mass content of solids and smaller particle sizes, have become common within refinery feed slates. These solids can stabilize emulsions and upset the desalter, causing temporary loss of performance. This diminished performance can then translate into undesirable consequences for downstream oil and wastewater processes, and add to the refinery maintenance burden.

For more than 40 years, refiners have struggled with managing solids during the desalting process. Refiners want to increase solids removal; they want it done faster and more efficiently, and with the growing trend toward processing heavier, high-solids crude oils, the need to manage those solids is greater than ever.

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