JewelSuite Reservoir Unconventional Workflow

Unconventional reservoir understanding with integrated 3D earth models

Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ software introduces the Unconventional workflow a new proven process for screening regional models and distilling the characterization to wellbore resolution. It provides users the ability to quickly build accurate, high-quality 3D reservoir models with ease, even in complex geological areas. It integrates a variety of data from 3D seismic attributes to hydraulic fracture simulation data to improve the understanding and development of unconventional reservoirs. This provides operators with a better understanding of the reservoir.

Improve your unconventional reservoir understanding and reduce operational overheads by visualizing and utilizing digital elevation models & satellite imagery, microseismic data in the new sweet spotting workflow. Develop Total Organic Content (TOC), Brittleness, Young’s Modulus, Porosity, Poisson Ratio 3D models. Utilize microseismic data to monitor hydraulic fracture programs and correlate with pumping pressures and flow rates.

Generate multiple models from regional to detailed (wellbore) resolution to test well productivity, stimulated volume drainage patterns based on horizontal well architecture, hydraulic fracturing design, effective natural fracture system and associated production decline.

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Manage the most complex reservoir modeling, geomechanics, and hydraulic fracturing simulation tasks. Now, you can improve project performance with optimally integrated workflows.

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