MR eXplorer

Bound Water Acquisition

The Bound Water acquisition primarily provides a measure of clay-bound water (CBW) and bulk volume irreducible (BVI) at logging speeds up to 1,320 ft/h [402 m/h]. The standard implementation of the Bound Water acquisition package, illustrated in the figure below, uses two frequencies and provides continuous data acquisition with relatively short wait times. Typical parameters used for the Bound Water acquisition are given in the table to the right.

Echo trains B are partially polarized echo trains used to determine the volume of BVI. Data blocks C are multiple high-quality echo trainlets used to determine the CBW volume. The multiple trainlets are stacked to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

The Bound Water acquisition can also be expanded to more frequencies and provide longer wait times. When longer wait times are used, the Bound Water package determines total porosity with slightly sacrificed data quality compared to data obtained using the PoroPerm acquisition package. The illustration to the left shows a comparison of total porosity data acquired using the PoroPerm acquisition package (third track) and total porosity data acquired using the Bound Water acquisition (fourth track).

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