MR eXplorer Flyer (PoroPerm + Gas)

PoroPerm + Gas Acquisition

PoroPerm + Gas is an OOA optimized to evaluate gas reservoirs. In reservoirs that are primarily gas bearing but also contain oil, the PoroPerm + Gas acquisition is sufficiently robust to effectively evaluate both the gas-bearing and oil-bearing intervals in a single logging pass. It also provides all standard nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) formation evaluation deliverables, including total porosity, bulk volume movable (BVM), bulk volume irreducible (BVI), clay-bound water (CBW) and permeability.

The PoroPerm + Gas is a six-frequency acquisition sequence for continuously obtaining NMR data at higher logging speeds when logging with the long wait times required for gas evaluation. Multiple frequencies also create multiple depths of investigation, which can be useful for invasion profiling. The following figure shows the PoroPerm + Gas acquisition package with typical acquisition parameters displayed in the table to the right. If required, this standard OOA can be customized for even longer wait times.

For each of the six frequencies, echo train (denoted as A data block) is fully polarized for determining effective porosity and permeability. Additionally, the PoroPerm + Gas sequence incorporates multiple high-quality echo trains (denoted as C data block) for CBW estimation.

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