MR eXplorer

PoroPerm Acquisition

PoroPerm is an OOA optimized to provide basic formation evaluation, such as porosity, permeability and volumes of movable fluids, bulk volume irreducible (BVI) and clay-bound water (CBW).

The PoroPerm sequence exploits the multiple-frequency capability of the MReX instrument, allowing continuous NMR data acquisition at higher logging speeds. The standard six-frequency implementation of the PoroPerm acquisition package is shown in the following below, with typical acquisition parameters displayed in the table to the right. With the PoroPerm package, the MReX instrument uses all available time to continuously acquire data, with no dead time spent waiting for T1 recovery. In reservoirs with short T1 relaxation times, where short wait times are sufficient for full polarization, the PoroPerm acquisition can be more efficiently logged using only the three highest frequencies.

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