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PoroPerm + Medium Oil Acquisition

PoroPerm + Medium Oil is an OOA optimized to evaluate medium oils with in-situ viscosities ranging from 10 to 25 cp. In reservoirs that are primarily oil bearing but also contain a gas cap, the PoroPerm + Medium Oil package is sufficiently robust to effectively evaluate both the oil-bearing and the gas-bearing intervals in a single logging pass. The PoroPerm + Medium Oil acquisition also provides all standard NMR formation evaluation deliverables, including total porosity, bulk volume movable (BVM), bulk volume irreducible (BVI), clay-bound water (CBW) and permeability.

This multi-frequency acquisition sequence allows for continuous NMR data acquisition at higher logging speeds. Multiple frequencies also create multiple depths of investigation, which can be useful for invasion profiling. The following figure shows the PoroPerm + Medium Oil acquisition package sequence with typical acquisition parameters displayed in the table to the right. If reservoir conditions require longer wait times, the PoroPerm + Medium Oil acquisition can be extended by increasing the number of frequencies to provide continuous NMR data acquisition.

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